we care for air
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we care for air

Worlds Best Pollution Control Equipments Manufacturer - Bag Filters, Dust Collector and ESP & Pulse Jet Filters

  • Electrostatic_Precipitators
    Electrostatic Precipitators

    Himenviro has installed numerous electrostatic precipitators in various fields of application.

  • fabric-filter
    Fabric Filters

    A pneumatic pulse-jet system provides continuous, automatic bag cleaning.

  • Hybrid Electro Filters
    Hybrid Electro Filters

    Our, 'Electro-Plus-Hybrid Filter' technology, is a solution provider,

  • Reverse Air Bag House
    Reverse Air Bag House

    Himenviro has a significant amount of operating experience with large reverse gas type fabric filters

  • Air To Air Heat Exchanger
    Air To Air Heat Exchanger

    A heat exchanger is a piece of equipment built for efficient heat transfer from one medium to another.

  • Waste Water Treatment
    Waste Water Treatment

    Himenviro provides a full range of services covering all phases of project development from planning,

Our Distinguished Clients

Himenviro a globally renowned name in pollution control equipment manufacturing and providing best services to our customers. Himenviro have an excellent customer retention ratio worldwide and our customers are spread across USA, Africa, Europe and India.